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WordPress or Drupal or Joomla? Which CMS is right for you?

Among all popular CMS (Content Management Systems), there is no such one-size-fits-all; so make sure you pick the right one. In this era, the most popular way for developing the website is to use open source CMS. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the top three CMS and together have the biggest market share. Hence, for the novice users choosing between three can be difficult. This article will decipher the technology that is helpful for you and your business.

1. WordPress is the easiest to use CMS: A platform that was originally started as the home for blogging with 76.5 million blogs created since 2004, WordPress went ahead a great deal over the last decade and now powers 25% of websites across the world. There are a lot of reasons why this platform is so popular. For people who has their own PC, it is easy to set up the WordPress. There is no need to have much knowledge about coding as one can develop the simple website from scratch using thousands of templates and plug-ins available at your fingertips. It is free to sign up and although some of the best templates and plug-ins come at a cost, if you want to create a website for free you can.

2. Drupal is the most powerful and useful for its scalability: Drupal is completely open source CMS program and hence developers love Drupal. This is highly customizable and is ideal for scalability. It is a powerful platform, for those with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP. And typically, Drupal pages will load quicker too. Drupal is the fantastic option if one wants to have an adaptable, personalized and powerful website designed by a professional. The scalability of this platform is valuable for those established businesses that anticipate large traffic numbers. The platform enables growth beyond a basic small business page or blog, however, if you have a very limited knowledge of the relevant languages might struggle, so it’s a platform that requires an expert.

3. Joomla - somewhere in the middle: Joomla is a middle ground between WordPress and Drupal as it is powerful but doesn’t need a huge amount of knowledge. Joomla is the best option, for those who want more website development options than WordPress without going straight to Drupal. One can set up their store easily compare to WordPress or Drupal. It is also a brilliant option for those who want to develop a social website.

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