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5 Simple Hacks to make your iPhone storage last longer

With its non-expandable memory, one of the major bugbears for iPhone owners is the storage capacity. Dreaded message “Storage Almost Full ” will pop up at an exactly wrong moment when you have got 16GB or 64GB. It is always a great practice to try and tread lightly on your memory in the first place. There are few easy tricks to try and make your iPhone’s storage capacity last as long as possible.

Don’t shoot everyday video in high resolution

It may be essential to shoot video with their iPhones in the highest resolution possible, for most people’s everyday cute kitty clips a lower resolution will suffice. You can change, how the iPhone capture film footage by clicking to “Settings”, then “Photos & Camera”, then look for where your phone gives you the “Record Video” options. Click on this to select 720p at 30fps. Change it back simply when you want higher quality footage.

Don’t keep messages forever

By default, your iPhone saves all your text and multimedia messages forever. It’s unlikely you really want iMessage, SMS and MMS correspondence going back years, so there is a way to have messages automatically delete after a sensible time frame. In the menu of Settings, scroll down to see the “Messages” option. From here look for the “Message History” section, tap it and then you choose to delete messages after 30 days or a year.

Don’t keep all the photos when shooting HDR

The camera of the iPhone is in “high dynamic range” and a setting is a clever tool when used correctly, but can be a real memory hog if used it often. This is because it takes multiple exposures before combining those snaps into the HDR version. You can make your phone only save the final HDR pic rather than save down all the exposures. Find this option in “Settings”, then Photos & Camera,” then scroll down to see the option to “Keep Normal photo.” Toggle it to off to save some storage space.

Don’t automatically download purchases made on another device

There is a default setting that sees all purchases across all devices automatically downloaded to every device linked to that iTunes account, if you have multiple Apple devices. While there will be apps and content you want to double up on, this is almost certainly not the case for every single purchase. To stop your iDevice doing this, go to "Settings," then "iTunes & App Store." Here you can toggle off to stop the automatic download of music, apps, books and audiobooks and updates.

Don’t keep high-resolution photos on your iPhone

You can choose to enable a setting that saves you a ton of photo storage space if you've activated the iCloud Photo Library service. The option to "Optimize iPhone Storage" saves your pics and vids to your Camera Roll as per usual, but in a smaller format. The full-res originals are stored in iCloud, ready to access whenever you might need them. If you go to "Settings," then "iCloud," then "Photos" and select "Optimize iPhone Storage" you'll be all set up.

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