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Top 6 Tips for using Google Allo

Google Allo is in much buzz and is supposed to be the next big thing in the messaging app. The new smart app is much actually amazing if you have used its competitor’s app Whatsapp, Line, telegram and more.

You won’t have much trouble finding your way around Google Allo if you spend some time and know it, but here there are some tips and tricks that you have missed.

1. Editing your profile: For this moment, Google Allo profiles are not so appealing. Just it would enable to add your name and profile picture. It allows you to set up the profile when you are set up with the app. To edit your profile—either the picture or the name—tap the menu button in the upper left corner, go to the profile and tap the edit button in the upper right corner of your picture. Edit the photo and SAVE.

2. Search messages by keywords: The search thing in the Google Allo is quite amazing because it can dig into your message history to find the keywords. Tap the search icon to open the search bar; type the keyword you are looking for, and a result would come up automatically. On clicking the results would directly go to the message with the keyword in it. For now, the search bar currently appears in the Android version of the Google Allo app.

3. Set up custom notification sound: Custom notification is one of the handy features if you wish to prioritize some messages. To set a custom notification, open the chat window of that person. Open the profile by tapping on the top of the screen. It will enable to see the profile and also the current Notification Sound. Tap on it to get the list of sound and choose the appropriate one which you wish to play when that person sends a message to you.

4. Find your personal photo with the Google Assistant: Google Assistant is just not a chat tool but also a personal assistant connected to your Google account. This would enable you to ask the assistant to search your personal information. For instance the recent news, yesterday’s e-mails, upcoming flights and display them in the chat box. To do this, open up the Google Assistant chat and type “what’re my flights” to know the upcoming travel plans.

5. Disconnect your Google Account: Google Allo connects automatically to the Google account but you can easily disconnect this account or move to the account.

6. Events, Reminders, and Alarm: Google Assistant can add events to your calendar, set up reminders and set your phone’s alarm. To add an event you need to open up the chat and move to “add to calendar”. The assistant will help you by adding your event name and date.

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