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Google launches “Google Trip”: Personalized travel planner

Recently, Google launched a new mobile application developed with a sole goal to develop a better plan for your holidays and other trips so – called Google Trips. Built-in iOS and Android, the app pulls off the combination of data from the Google Maps and other travelers to offer the personalized travel guide which would help in tracking the day trips, reservations, interests, restaurants and more.

It was much-rumored news that Google was working on travel application, within Google’s Local Guides community. Local Guides aids in improving the Google Maps and business data by writing a review, correcting listings and taking photos. In return, they gain exclusive access to try our new Google products and features such as Google Trips. The app looks today much like it did then.

The home screen is integrated with the search box flashing with the message “Where do you want to go?” for planning new trips and other cards which enable to track your current and upcoming vacations and plans.

The most helpful thing about this application is that each city you plan to visit during one of your trips can each have its own tab within a larger trip section and toggle buttons to download the information about the destination with offline access.

Meanwhile, on each city’s screen, different color cards enables you to jump into various interfaces like “Saved places”, “Day plans”, “Food and Drink” and more.

App also makes the suggestions for the information collected. Google also revealed that Trips can show you the most popular day plans and itineraries for the 200 cities worldwide. This information is actually based on historic visit data from other travelers which Google has used and infuses the important sights and attractions.

The interesting thing to note is that how this crowded information is mapped with the information pulled from Google Maps which aid you in finding things of your planned sightseeing destinations. 

You can add the destinations to your plans and you can also tell the app if you have only morning or noon available to go out. The app is able to show you the different spots in your convenient time. The app can also show some attractions of the original place so that you do not need to travel far.

Additionally, there is some automation involved in the app, you can pin the spots you want to visit, and Google will automatically fill the rest of the day in the itinerary. Magic Wand button is available, which you can automatically tap for nearby insights and will automate customize the itinerary for you. 

Though the new app is useful for the travelers it will also serve as the other means of collecting data for Google itself which will be able to bear the business listing of data in the Google maps with the information collected by the app and its user.

Google Trip is live on Android and iOS!

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