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Google debuts interactive VR photography app “cardboard camera” on iOS

Recently, Google announced the launch of Cardboard Camera for iOS which enables the users to capture 3D 360 degree virtual reality photos without the need for a VR headset equipment. Pictures taken with this app are 3D panoramas in which users can tap and drag the camera in all directions, with the recording of the sound. Image plays back each time when the image is revisited.

Cardboard photography is quite similar to the style of panorama in the iOS camera app. Users have to hold on the camera button, keeping their iPhone vertical – tap the record button then rotate slowly in place to capture their surroundings. Users will also be able to share albums of virtual reality photos directly from the app by generating links to e-mail, text message or share on social media.

Whether you are hiking, cooking, and playing or attending cousin’s wedding go beyond the flat photos or selfie. With the cardboard camera, you will be able to capture 3D 360 degree virtual reality photos which are available on iOS as well as Android. Just like Google cardboard, it works with the phone you already have with you.

The company said that if any of the VR pics taken with the cardboard camera are viewed on Google Cardboard, anyone can cherish those moments as if they are already present on that spot. Previously, cardboard camera was only available for Android with more than 5 million photos captured on the platform.

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