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Technology has made people's lives easier and faster to keep up with the lifestyle

For decades the word technology has been heard and today it has become a word that's not only spoken but practiced as well. The evolution of Information Technology has accompanied the evolution of societies, creating new ways to make people's lives easier and trying to keep up with the lifestyle. In a world where technological evolution is inevitable, the new generations are born with the thought that it is not possible to live without contemporary high-tech equipment. 

So, can we live without information technology or not?  First and foremost, it is important to remember that technology is a tool, something people use to make life easier. In the field of medicine, the IT evolution saves thousands of lives. In the social sphere, it enables people to keep in touch with friends all over the world easier and faster than before. However, it is important to realize that it reached a point where it controls people, making them depend on it and could not live without it. So, what could be done?

There has to be awareness of the extreme dependence on technology and social networks are the first step for a more balanced lifestyle when it comes to interaction. To be able to assess the importance as well as the limitations of IT, it is necessary to determine the signs that humans have become too dependent on IT. The signs include the following:

1. Work is over for the day if the internet is down. A lot of organizations today by mutual gesture cease work for the day because the internet is down. 

2. Buyer's remorse is becoming more common. Purchasing things online are convenient when the item is absolutely what one wants. If it's not, however, it could be all-consuming just trying to figure out how to get it back to where it came from. 

3. Nobody knows a phone number. If the cell phone is lost and all the contacts, it is very much possible that one has no idea on how to get in touch. Listing down important contact numbers on paper has plunged down in popularity with the evolution of technology. 

4. The dread of breaking up a relationship face-to-face. Many are considering doing and even doing this through text. While texting is convenient, but in terms of clearly getting a message across, a face-to-face talk is still the best way. 

5. No one lives in the moment. There are so many instances when one wants to capture moments on video only to realize that one is unable to experience the moment because the camcorder did not work or required a battery change. 

6. Brick and mortar stores are beginning to get extinct. This is because today, one could purchase and order almost anything and everything online, causing hundreds of physical stores to close. 

7. Without a mobile phone, one feels lost. Technology addiction is reality nowadays, with people checking text messages and emails as much as thirty to forty times every hour. 

Addiction to technology is no joke. It could be great, but too much of could leave one strung out and stressed. Studies revealed that smartphone use could lead to catastrophic scenarios like car accidents and the main cause of poor work-life balance. Guess the choice remains in every person's hands. The balance is in appreciating and using it the right way, but also awareness of when to turn it off to experience life to the fullest.

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