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For software developers today, it is always good to determine some bad coding practices so as not to make these mistakes repeatedly. In any coding job, the best practices are a set of informal rules that the software development community learned which could boost program quality. Many computer programs remain useful for longer than the original authors have imagined, some up to forty years even or more. Thus, any rule or rules should facilitate initial development and improvement as well as maintenance by people, aside from the original makers. 1. Typos in the code are common and quite frustrating because they have nothing to do with the programming skills of the developer. Regardless, a misspelled name or function can wreak havoc on cryptogram. Moreover, they may be hard to see. A solution would be to work in a good IDE or integrated development environment or a p... (more)

HTML5 & CSS3 enables Web Development Company to enhance website visibility & profitability

HTML5 and CSS3 have swept the web by storm in very short time. Web development company should start suggesting it to their clients to help them boost experiences & attract more clientele  HTML5 and CSS3 have swept the web by storm in just two years. A web development company should move on and start using it today to boost experiences & attract more clientele In just a few months of launch, HTML5 and CSS3 have swept the web by storm. Before these two, there have been a lot of altered semantics in the way that web developers and designers are expected to build web pages, and with th... (more)

WordPress or Drupal or Joomla? Which CMS is right for you?

Among all popular CMS (Content Management Systems), there is no such one-size-fits-all; so make sure you pick the right one. In this era, the most popular way for developing the website is to use open source CMS. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the top three CMS and together have the biggest market share. Hence, for the novice users choosing between three can be difficult. This article will decipher the technology that is helpful for you and your business. 1. WordPress is the easiest to use CMS: A platform that was originally started as the home for blogging with 76.5 million b... (more)

5 Simple Hacks to make your iPhone storage last longer

With its non-expandable memory, one of the major bugbears for iPhone owners is the storage capacity. Dreaded message “Storage Almost Full ” will pop up at an exactly wrong moment when you have got 16GB or 64GB. It is always a great practice to try and tread lightly on your memory in the first place. There are few easy tricks to try and make your iPhone’s storage capacity last as long as possible. Don’t shoot everyday video in high resolution It may be essential to shoot video with their iPhones in the highest resolution possible, for most people’s everyday cute kitty clips a lower ... (more)

Android Security Annual report details current state of Android ecosystem

Recently Google reported annual report of android security which reveals how Google protects the Android ecosystem. Previous year when a report was revealed it analyzed billions of data gathered. And in this year, the goal was increased. The company says that it scanned 400 million devices daily, although it is not clear that, this scan were automated scan or the scans done by the user or the combination of both. Google has been enhancing its service daily to protect Android users and identifying the harmful behavior. Google says that over the course of 2016, less that 0.15 PHA (... (more)